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Meet 2 New Modules: Coverage Mapper and Behavior Control

Meet 2 New Modules: Coverage Mapper and Behavior Control

Meet our next 2 autonomous navigation modules: Coverage Mapper and Behavior Control

Polymath HQ
March 1, 2024
At Polymath Robotics, we're dedicated to streamlining off-highway vehicle automation. We’re rolling out 40 autonomous navigation modules across 20 weeks to simplify your autonomy stack. You can use each module independently or as a unified autonomy solution. This week, we're excited to unveil two new modules in our lineup: Coverage Mapper and Behavior Control.

It’s too hard to build autonomous vehicles

That’s why we built Polymath Robotics – the autonomous navigation toolkit for off-highway vehicles.

Our aim is clear: to simplify off-highway vehicle automation. Typically, Polymath slashes off-highway autonomy project timelines by over a year (the equivalent effort of 5-10 engineers). With Polymath, building off-highway robots becomes hassle-free, avoiding unnecessary complexities.

In our effort to simplify automating off-highway vehicles even further, we're unveiling 40 Autonomous Navigation Modules within 20 weeks. So far we’ve released 14 different modules! Last time we debuted Follow the Leader and Sim-to-Reality Pipeline.

Today we’re excited to launch our next 2 modules: Coverage Mapper and Behavior Control.

Module #15: Coverage Mapper

Why we built this: Some vehicle applications, like lawnmowing or tillage in agriculture, require “covering” an entire area thoroughly and methodically.

Introducing our Coverage Mapper module – a plug-and-play solution that creates thorough coverage maps of any shape you define.

How it works: Coverage Mapper allows you to define any polygon as a “boundary.” You can also define any obstacles within the boundary, like trees or water. Then, it uses information about the vehicle’s turning radius to create a path which covers the entire shape. That path can be fed to any Polymath-equipped vehicle to execute.

What makes our Coverage Mapper module so powerful?

  • Automate mundane tasks: Easily direct your vehicle to cover an area, even more effectively than a human operator.
  • We do the math: Get a clean, workable coverage map without hours of manual work.
  • Ready out of the box: Coverage Mapper is easy to install as an individual module on your existing autonomy stack, or as part of our full autonomy solution.

A simulation of our Coverage Mapper module where the vehicle executes the coverage map for thorough mowing

The coverage map provided by the Coverage Mapper module covers the entire area, no matter how weirdly shaped

Module #16: Behavior Control

The problem: Many vehicles have designated, repetitive tasks. For instance, a bulldozer repeatedly moves dirt from one place to another.

That’s why we built the Behavior Control module – the easy way to program specific vehicle behaviors using our API.

How it works: Our API enables straightforward customization of behaviors using any programming language. You can set behaviors for specific locations or tailor them based on the vehicle's location.

What makes our Behavior Control module so powerful?

  • Easily automate repetitive tasks: create simple code to execute your vehicle’s specialty tasks.
  • Easy to incorporate: like all our modules, you can use Behavior Control on its own, or as part of our full autonomous navigation system.

What’s Next

Next week, we’ll reveal two more of our 40 Autonomous Navigation Modules. As always, each module easily fits into your existing projects or combines with other Polymath modules to create a complete autonomous navigation system.

We’re excited to hear how you plan to use these modules to speed up your off-highway autonomy projects. Contact Sales today.

Polymath HQ

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